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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Gilly B Ballin

So I know this girl......and she's pretty rad.  She drives a rad car and has rad hair.  She sings and can play guitar, all though, it takes quite a few bottles of wine to get her to do that.  The point of my rad story is she's young, mature, happening and single.....and WHERE THE HELL DO YOU MEET PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN??!!???!!!  People who aren't douche canoes, or who don't have criminal records or people who aren't drug addicts??  I mean, really, the only place we have here is the Element, and it's a gross meat market full of guys just looking to pick up.  And she's better then all that!  Like, she's the kind of gal who will make you home made cinnamon buns, and sew you a jacket....BOTH from scratch!  She likes tall guys....with hair!  The longer the better really.....and she's a hairdresser, so she can tame the beast if need be, but more then likely she'll just cut off your ponytail holder and let it all flow!  Hairy chest, check!  She likes a real man!  So where oh where do you find these guys?  Maybe enroll in a class at the college?  Like, just one?  Ooorrr......sign on the side of the road?  No really, where are all the boys at?  Do we need more things/places for "singles"?  Or do they become cheesy and creepy the moment you label them as "single" hangouts? couldn't pay me to date again!  It's tough!  Suggestions??

PS - Did I mention she's rad????
PPS - Is she going to think I assume she's desperate when she reads this??

PPS - She's not at all btw.  She's happy in her life!

PPPPPS - If you take her away from me and I lose my cinnamon bun supply, I'm going to cut you.

PPPPPPPS - She's rad.

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