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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sappy Inspiration for our monthly blog group

This is my amazingly multi talented, multi tasking husband at his finest. We went through a phase where the baby was a total asshole and grumpy ALL the time and this was how we ate dinner most nights.  We'd pass him back and forth and try and keep him semi happy for a few minutes so the other could inhale a bit more food.  Well, leave it to Barry to be able to do everything.  He inspires me every day to just forge through and stay grounded and really try and do my best, even when things are shit and our house is a disaster and the kids are filthy and we're broke because one day it's going to be 20 years later and we'll be missing these days.  He inspires me to take on as much as I can, even if I can't do everything 100% perfectly because that's okay too.  He really just inspires me to genuinely smile in my crazy life of boys because we can do it.

This blog is part of a monthly group of bloggers who all write about the same topic.....please check out the others inspirational pictures....

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  1. aww! hahahah! love the photos, and what a great inspiration. you do do so much!