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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

July Blog Group Posting....or "enter creative title here"

Okay so it's that time again....time for our July blog group to do it's postings!  And this month, the topic is favorite summer meal/food.  And this month, for real, I know what i'm writing about!

So we live in a big ol'heritage house in Robson.  When we moved in, it was very unloved by the previous owners and was quite run down.  It had a little tiny deck (think big enough to barely stand and put clothes on a line) that was practically rotting off the side of the house.  The first year we lived here, we knew that little deck had to go and we dreamt of a big deck along the back of the house.  I mean, you could totally see where a deck would go along the back.  We couldn't believe there wasn't one there already!  So we mapped it out and dreamed about it until the day my father in law called, bored, and wondered if we had any projects we needed to work on.  Within the day, he was on his way up from Fernie and I had a large back hoe in my yard digging for deck posts.

We LOVE our deck.  It's amazing.  It's off the back of the house looking out towards the pool and kids swing set.  It's private and quite and roomy.  All year long we yearn for the summer days when we can have supper on the deck.  And anticipate the day we can set up the deck, dig out the patio furniture and plant some flowers.  Right now is the perfect time of year for our deck.  My tomato plants are giant, flowers in full bloom and fountain mounted and trickeling (side note: we got the fountain for a wedding gift 6 years ago and my husband just rigged it up for me this's a lovely addition...finally).  Any meal we have on that deck is a favorite and it makes every glass of wine taste amazing!!  Actually, it really does make every glass of wine on it taste amazing.  Like, how does that happen??  It just like....breathes life into the wine....gently infusing it with summer and cool breeze with it's loving deck breath and woody deck soul.  I mean, just the pop of the cork of any lovely red wine summer sipper echos off the deck posts with the most amazing tenor and reverb.  We never waste a drop of red wine on that deck....come to to think of it, we usually polish off 7 or 8  5 or 6 2 or 3 more bottles then originally intended on that deck.  You just can't help it.  I swear, it's a magical wine drinking place.  Like a soft woodsy knoll that just welcomes you and slips you a roofie and forces you to drink....later taking advantage of you in ways that only a woodsy knoll could...........alas, I digress.

So to sum up, my favorite summer meal/food for this months July Blog Group Posting is red wine.  Deal with it. 

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  1. I am definitely with you on the love of red wine. It is very relaxing to enjoy outside until the bees try to sample it!

    ~ Kathleen Krucoff

  2. great story. Sounds like a wonderful place to relax!- mary

  3. i <3 you.
    and i'm coming over to polish 5 bottles of red wine on the deck soon. but I might steal tomatoes.....

  4. wine on the deck with the water flowing in the backround sounds wonderful!

  5. Divine story. Makes me want wine to be my favorite summer food too!