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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Random iPhone Notes

So every once in a while I have an interaction with someone, or over hear an interaction that I immediately HAVE to write down cause I think, man that shit is good!!  So I whip out my handy dandy iPhone, and pop it into my notes....where I promptly forget about it.  So the other day, for some reason, I start scrolling through my notes and find all sorts of stuff.  Some of it, I don't even know why or what.  It's like a random word and I wonder why the me entering that note EVER thought "Oh ya, I'll know what I'm talking about!" because at the best of times, I don't know what I'm talking about!!!  So I thought I'd share...a few good....a few random....a few confusing.

Okay so the first 2 notes are about wine.  SIGH!  Seriously.  One titled "wines we enjoy!" and I even have that jaunty exclamation point!  Ya!  Wine!  A better list would have probably been "wines we don't enjoy" and then I could have put like a :( or something....and included only this - homemade wine.  Now don't get all huffy all you homemade wine makers.  If it floats your boat, then I'm happy for you!  But it sinks mine.  And I'm okay with that.  And now we're not even through one note and I'm being judged for being a snob. So I've included the wines "Southern most patagonia 2006 Argentina" and "terra andina cab merlot 2007 Chile" and "funky llama" and other then the funky llama, I don't believe I ever pulled out this note again to look for these wines.  AND it's dated 2008-11-10.  I'll be sure and save that one.

And 630 days ago I posted "Very Hollywood Michael Kors" which I'm assuming is a book??  But that's all I have...and I never looked at it again.

And a few months ago, my loving husband told me this little bit of wisdom over a beautiful supper....and it seriously cracked me up.
                 "Once in a while, you come home early and that's a treat.  Once in a while you come home early in a good mood, and that's a treat!  Once in a while you come home early in a good mood.....and I'm in a good mood......*pause* *deep thought* *realization*......and that's how we get pregnant.  We should both get second jobs."

And can you see why I love him?  Sweet as they come!!

Camping this summer.....down at the playground with out kids and Lenny is making goo goo eyes at these 2 girls (12ish? 13ish?) on the swings.
          Girl 1 - AW ISN'T HE SO ADORABLE???  Hi little guyyyy!!  Hiiiii litttllllleee guuuuuyyyy!  Awwwww JUST adorable!!!
          Girl 2 - Yeah.  He's..........adorable.
          Girl 1 - And that's why I'm a babysitter!  Right there!
          Girl 2 - And that's why I'm NOT a babysitter!  I mean, kids are cute....but kids are ANNOYING!

And I thought.....yeah girl 2!  I get you!  I GET you! 
Deepest connection with a random stranger.  I got her.

I have a bunch of "shopping list" notes, a couple "Christmas list" notes and a MILLION notes telling me who to text, facebook or phone back with regards to making appointments.  Also one random note that says "damask" and I don't know why.  But it says nothing else.  Mystery?

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