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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Summer....just when you're really warming up to her, she friggen up and leaves.

So summer.  Where the heck did it go?  I know I know.....everyone is saying this.  And I guess we were just so busy this summer, and with the slow start on the weather, it just seemed to fly by.  So what did we do this summer?  When my clients ask me this, my first answer is "worked" which is true....but when I really think about it, we did lots more!!!

Birthdays, parties and dinner guests - I honestly wish I would have counted the amount of red wine bottles we've accumulated this summer.  It would make you disgusted.  You would stop reading my blog and next time you saw me, possibly throw sticks or rocks or something.  Sure, the odd few would move in, living out of our basement, sneaking up every evening with a wine goblet or vase or something.  But most of you would cry for our poor childrens education funds and livers.  I mean, we had help drinking them all.  Lots and lots of helpful help.  We had a few birthday parties, we had lots of out of town guests, we had the work crew over, we had Mexican night and we threw many a dinner party!  So really, I guess all the red wine bottles, it's not us.  It's you.  All of you.  And you should all be disgusted with yourselves.

-Barry's little *ahem* procedure - yup.  Totally got his nuts snipped.  So he was off his feet for a few days making sweet sweet love with a couple bags of slutty peas.  I played nurse (minus the awesome Naughty Nurse costume...why wasn't I more prepared??) and found out that trying to keep all the kids from jumping on his junk challenging. 

-Camping - we camped.  For 5 nights.  It was...........good.  Busy.  But, there was one or two nice relaxing moments.  I'm not sure why camping always seems like this amazing get away.  It is SO busy.  Between the prep and packing and hauling everything out there and setting up and trying to keep things clean and you wash dishes like 294372 times a day and then the pack up again and hauling everything back just to wash laundry for the next six months and not even be caught pretty much sucks....really.  Like if you were from another planet and someone had to describe camping to you, pretty sure you'd get in that space ship, and never come back.
                                                                   Alien - Camping?  What's that?
                                                                   Me - Well, you try and pack up everything you might possibly need for the next few days and buy food that could go bad at any second because it's crammed into a little box with a few ice cubes and then you haul it all out to the dirt somewhere and like, live there.
                                                                   Alien- But why?
                                                                   Me -  Oh you know, cause it's SO relaxing!  I mean, the trips back and forth to haul water, and the washing of dishes and cleaning of the site and the freezing cold mornings and peeing in the bushes and constant screeching of birds and trying to keep everything away from bears or wildlife and the ticks and bugs and bees and mosquitoes and sun burns and freezing cold lake and trying to keep an almost 2 year old in one camp spot even though there are wide open spaces all around us and you's a good time!
                                                                    Alien - fuck.  You people are stupider then we thought.      

And now I'm stumped.  Is that all we did that is monumental?  Man.  That's a sad list!  I mean, of course we had a visit from my Aunt from Ontario and that was lovely!  OH we had an outdoor movie night!  And that was AMAZING!  Such fun!  We invited some neighbours and my moms family all came and we set up lawn chairs at my parents house.  My uncle brought a projector and we watched HoodWinked.  Gavin and his friend made popcorn and served everyone in individual paper bags and we sat outside with a glass of wine and watched the movie.  Even the little kids watched and it was such a neat thing to do!!!
The garage door made for a great movie screen!

We also had a quick trip to Cranbrook and my mother in law made a quick trip here.  So I guess we did do a few more things.  I'm sort of excited get back to routine.  Back to getting up in the mornings and going to bed early in the evenings.  The kids were totally bored anyways and I think they both were excited to go back to school.  I know in a week, I'll be bitching about lunches and all that school related stuff, but for today, I'm going to have another cup of coffee in my quiet house and be okay with summer being over.

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