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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Figure skaters ftw.

So I started another blog.  And it's actually pretty fun.  I'm posting all my outfit choices for the days and asking people to give me feed back on them!  So far everyone has been pretty nice, nothing rude or mean or anything!  Which, I'm not asking for rude or mean, but I hope I can get some genuine feed back from people.  I honestly don't have this amazing fashion sense, and I follow fashion only so far as a 30 something year old, 5'2ish mother from Castlegar BC can!  Which, isn't very well!  Shopping around here is pretty limited (as are my funds!) and clothing just isn't designed for bodies like mine!  But I enjoy putting clothes together and always have!  I can remember when I was probably 10ish.  Me and my bestie Charlotte were obsessed with watching figure skating.  And we'd oooooh and aaaaah over the costumes and always remark "I WISH I could just have all those costumes for my own!".....I didn't even (still don't) know how to skate!  We just wanted to like, wear skating outfits all the time...everyday...for every occasion!! 

And the obsession never really stopped!  For clothing that is, I eventually outgrew my obsession with figure skating outfits.  So if any of this seems at all interesting....follow my other blog too!!  And recommend either of them to your friends!

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