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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Middle Child

You know....I was always super happy that I didn't have any girls.  Don't get me wrong, girls are lovely (just look at me! ha!) and I know that having girls would be a totally different, lifetime of companionship compared to boys.  For me, I was always terrified that karma would kick my ass if I had girls.  I know what kind of a girl I was....and that scared me.  I could get into stories, but that's a whole other blog post. That and hormones.  Uggghhh.....I don't think our house is big enough for more hormones, mine are through the roof all on their own.  So I guess my point is that I felt "safe" after having 3 boys of my own. 

Weeeelllllll........along came Kohen.

Kohen is a breed unto his own.  He can be the sweetest child on the face of the planet.  The most caring and loving and considerate and helpful and thoughtful and the list truly goes on.  And thank goddess for that because that takes up maybe 13% of his time, and the rest of the can be hell.  This is my penance.  This is my karma.  He is a trying, difficult, life sucking entity and I mean that in the most loving motherly way.  When Kohen is around, the world enters it's own gravitational pull and surrounds only him.  You can't focus elsewhere, he just sucks all the attention and energy out of everyone in the room.  My mom ofter remarks, after a visit to our house, that she feels bad for the other kids because she didn't get a chance to have any one on one with them.  And she's always a little stunned, that feeling of "what the hell just happened?" as she's getting ready to leave and realizing that she's exhausted.  That's how I feel most days.  He's exhausting.  We go in waves these days thankfully.  In the last couple years, it was all the time and now, we have ups and we have downs.  I'd like to think the calm times are as many as the crazy times, but I could just be hopefully delusional.  And just when you think you are going to snap and lose your shit and give him to the neighbours, he turns around and just does something so heart wrenchingly beautiful and sweet and you just melt and realize you can make it another day with Kohen.  Oh and he looks amazingly darling when he's sleeping, a time my husband spends to watch and tear up over how much he loves him.  You have to take those moments because when he's awake some days, you wonder if you'll both survive the day.

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