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Monday, 25 April 2011

Crazy Family

Things I love about my family......

1. We all are truly "there" for each other.
2. We all find the same things funny, even when they are non-funny (ex, teabagging, my moms inability to remember any birthdays, things my dad did when we were kids, Modern Family).
3. We genuinely want to hang out with one another.
4. We know each others darkest secrets and neurotic behaviours and use that information in appropriate ways.
5. If someone is hurting one of us, or treating one of us unfairly, we all feel the injustice and gain up together to talk smack about them, or debate the unfairness of it in very intelligent conversation.
6. We are very non-traditional....which leads me toooo......

MEXICAN EASTER!!!  So every year for Easter, we always go out to the lake and play bocce, horseshoes, drink beer, cook hot dogs over a fire and let the kids play in the dirt.  It's a great way to spend a traditional religious holiday, when you are neither traditional, nor religious.  Some years we have 40 people show up, some years it's 10 of us. But we try and go (weather permitting) every year.  This year was a bit of mash up and half my family couldn't make it out to the lake.  We also had an enormous hankering for nachos with the girls from work, so we decided nothing says "Happy Easter" like drunken Mexicans! And of course by drunken Mexicans, I mean us, getting drunk and eating Mexican food!!  So of course my parents were on board (remember why I love them?) and we organized a Fiesta!!  Gillian brought sombreros and stick on mustaches and nacho fixings (if Cheech and Chong taught us anything, it's you NEED a good mustache!), Mom brought tequila and limes and I brought tortillas and fajitas and other good things to eat ending in ahs.  We sat in the sun and drank amazing margaritas wearing our get ups...listening to Gypsy Kings on full blast and every once in a while someone would yell "AYE AY AY AY AYYYYEEEE!!" or bust out in a Mexican hat dance or samba inspired move.  Lots of laughs!  We sat around the table after moaning about how full we were, still wearing sombreros, but not mustaches because they are really hard to eat in!

And this is yet another reason why I love my family.  They would take part in an event like this without a blink of an eye and everyone would have a good time!

My Mom and Dad

My Husband and Mom

My Dad "Pedro"

Gill and Me....Ole!

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