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Saturday, 26 March 2011

I'm an asshole. sometimes, I'm an asshole.  I don't know why....and it's usually to Barry, and he's ALWAYS nice.  ALWAYS.  Even when i'm an asshole.  Which makes it even worse.  So here's the deal....

Barry, playing outside with the kids while I get the food ready for the bbq we are having tonight.  Barry starts hauling wood out from under our wood pile and Kohen (the 5 year old) gets all fired up that we should have a fire outside!  Well, obviously outside.  But Barry comes in asks if we should have a fire.  I'm all "when? cause I have all this supper stuff to get ready, and the girls are coming for 6 and I just don't think there's time." so then he tells Kohen "no fire." and Kohen cries.  Asshole moment #1.  SO then, i'm busy chopping up veggies and puttering around the kitchen and cue Asshole moment #2;

Barry - So no then?

Me - Well "I" am NOT going to sit around a fire right now.  I have all these veggies to cut up and I have to peel and cut up ALL the potatoes and get everything ready for supper.  Unless someone ELSE cooks supper, then "I" have to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry - *silence*

Me - ...........

Barry - I meant about Kohen having some chocolate milk.

Yup, asshole.

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