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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Me, my House and I

So I have this great house.  I love it.  It's old, but not too old.  Big, but not too big.  Updated, but not too updated.  The yard isn't so big that we have to spend money on a big ol'fancy ride em lawn mower and we have a pool!!  Except, I always kind of want to sell it.  I'm a bit of a buy/sell junkie.  We bought and sold houses before buying this one, and lived in them anywhere from 6 months to almost a year (at most). When we bought this place we told everyone "this is it! this is where we stay!" yet I know that I could very easily be convinced otherwise.  I mean, it's just a house! And I'd get to take everything inside of it with me when I move.  Except the pool....but I guess that's not really inside.  But wouldn't that be so rap star awesome if it was??? point it me?  Is it just not the right house?  Is it okay to put all our blood sweat and tears into this house (or any house), and not feel anything about just up and selling it?  Not that I wouldn't be sad....but I'd get over it.  Do I have some kind of crazy non-attachment issues???  Could I lose a kid and get over it?  Is this why I didn't love our dog (that we gave away because we literally disliked greatly)??  Hmm....IS it me??

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