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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Text Messages (warning....bad language)

Okay so I know texting is the thing to do in this day.  And I honestly love it.  But I wonder....the things we feel comfortable texting people, would we EVER be comfortable saying to their face??  I've sent my share of ridiculous text messages....and some I'm sure were over board, so why is it okay to send these??  I was going through my phone and checking out my sent and received messages and thougtht I'd share a few.  Do you send/receive messages like these??  Or is it just me and my friends?

No names shared.....

"Yo mamma in law is cooking up da suppa yo"
"Wut dat ho makin?"

"I'd never say no to a lobster.  Well unless it was drunkenly prepositioning me.  Then I might pass."

"What's worse then finding a worm in your apple?"
"The holocaust."

"Hey dick weed....what doing?"

"Hey, just wanted to ask you politely to change your underwear.  I'm pretty sure all the smell and smoke over here is coming off those badboyz"

"Do your pleated pants make it look like you've got a massive errection?"

"Merry fucking Christmas"

"The lesbians told me."

"Great thankssss"
"Ssssssyer welcomes."
"I was being a snake just now."

"On our way big mama"
"Are you calling me fat?"
"Nah, just wise as fuck"

"Fuck them"
"Seriously they are a bunch of slow child touchers."

"Let's shave our heads and be bullimic together.  Then we don't have to worry about holding each others hair back."
"shit yeah, i'm in."

"Oi can't delete the 'are you drunk?' comment on my iphone"
"Ha! Well you know how I like my cab sav first thing in the morning! I put it in my shreddies."

"Screw that...i'm getting some leather and channeling my inner gay man everyday."

"Your present is in the mail....a good cockstabbing ;)"

"Everyong is on a beach in Mexico today. Assholes"
"They are walking around naked, clicking and having sex like flooseys"

"I got my period last night.  YOU don't bug ME!"

Does everyone talk to each other this way??

1 comment:

  1. LMAO.
    these are hilarious... on your phone?!?!
    mine are never that interesting.
    but i don't text nearly as much as i should ;)