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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Text Messages (warning....bad language)

Okay so I know texting is the thing to do in this day.  And I honestly love it.  But I wonder....the things we feel comfortable texting people, would we EVER be comfortable saying to their face??  I've sent my share of ridiculous text messages....and some I'm sure were over board, so why is it okay to send these??  I was going through my phone and checking out my sent and received messages and thougtht I'd share a few.  Do you send/receive messages like these??  Or is it just me and my friends?

No names shared.....

"Yo mamma in law is cooking up da suppa yo"
"Wut dat ho makin?"

"I'd never say no to a lobster.  Well unless it was drunkenly prepositioning me.  Then I might pass."

"What's worse then finding a worm in your apple?"
"The holocaust."

"Hey dick weed....what doing?"

"Hey, just wanted to ask you politely to change your underwear.  I'm pretty sure all the smell and smoke over here is coming off those badboyz"

"Do your pleated pants make it look like you've got a massive errection?"

"Merry fucking Christmas"

"The lesbians told me."

"Great thankssss"
"Ssssssyer welcomes."
"I was being a snake just now."

"On our way big mama"
"Are you calling me fat?"
"Nah, just wise as fuck"

"Fuck them"
"Seriously they are a bunch of slow child touchers."

"Let's shave our heads and be bullimic together.  Then we don't have to worry about holding each others hair back."
"shit yeah, i'm in."

"Oi can't delete the 'are you drunk?' comment on my iphone"
"Ha! Well you know how I like my cab sav first thing in the morning! I put it in my shreddies."

"Screw that...i'm getting some leather and channeling my inner gay man everyday."

"Your present is in the mail....a good cockstabbing ;)"

"Everyong is on a beach in Mexico today. Assholes"
"They are walking around naked, clicking and having sex like flooseys"

"I got my period last night.  YOU don't bug ME!"

Does everyone talk to each other this way??

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Scale

So....there's this thing I do.  It's almost OCD.  I have to do it once every morning and if I'm home, I'll do it after every meal.  I always do it when I get home from work and then again before bed.  I HAVE to step on the scale.  UGH!  Why????  The thing's not like I do anything different if I'm unhappy with what the number tells me.  It doesn't send me into bouts of starvation, or exercise.  It just makes me moody and crabby and depressed.  And usually we're talking like 1lb, or a few ounce difference from time to time.  All though, from morning to night, it could be upwards of 4lbs or so.  Then I just feel gross.  It's like an addiction.  And i've been off on holidays all week and have gained about 5lbs....which I know isn't alot and please don't say "oh you're fine!  you're tiny!" because I know i'm not big....but for that exact same reason, that i'm not a big person, 5lbs really makes a difference.  My pants are tight.  Especially in the crotch.  Like, my vagina is the first thing to get fat??  What's up with that??  But I have started running. to run.  It's been exhilarating actually.  My legs hurt and I can hardly walk, but I love it.  I feel strong and fit and healthy.  And you know what?  I forgot to step on the scale this morning or before I went to work after my run!  I just felt good.  And I got dressed and showered and didn't even weigh myself.  Which is kind of making me freak out....that I have no number reference for this morning.  But maybe that's okay!  Maybe running in the mornings is always going to make me feel like that?  That'd be good actually!  And it's bound to slim down my vagina.

Me, my House and I

So I have this great house.  I love it.  It's old, but not too old.  Big, but not too big.  Updated, but not too updated.  The yard isn't so big that we have to spend money on a big ol'fancy ride em lawn mower and we have a pool!!  Except, I always kind of want to sell it.  I'm a bit of a buy/sell junkie.  We bought and sold houses before buying this one, and lived in them anywhere from 6 months to almost a year (at most). When we bought this place we told everyone "this is it! this is where we stay!" yet I know that I could very easily be convinced otherwise.  I mean, it's just a house! And I'd get to take everything inside of it with me when I move.  Except the pool....but I guess that's not really inside.  But wouldn't that be so rap star awesome if it was??? point it me?  Is it just not the right house?  Is it okay to put all our blood sweat and tears into this house (or any house), and not feel anything about just up and selling it?  Not that I wouldn't be sad....but I'd get over it.  Do I have some kind of crazy non-attachment issues???  Could I lose a kid and get over it?  Is this why I didn't love our dog (that we gave away because we literally disliked greatly)??  Hmm....IS it me??

Saturday, 26 March 2011

I'm an asshole. sometimes, I'm an asshole.  I don't know why....and it's usually to Barry, and he's ALWAYS nice.  ALWAYS.  Even when i'm an asshole.  Which makes it even worse.  So here's the deal....

Barry, playing outside with the kids while I get the food ready for the bbq we are having tonight.  Barry starts hauling wood out from under our wood pile and Kohen (the 5 year old) gets all fired up that we should have a fire outside!  Well, obviously outside.  But Barry comes in asks if we should have a fire.  I'm all "when? cause I have all this supper stuff to get ready, and the girls are coming for 6 and I just don't think there's time." so then he tells Kohen "no fire." and Kohen cries.  Asshole moment #1.  SO then, i'm busy chopping up veggies and puttering around the kitchen and cue Asshole moment #2;

Barry - So no then?

Me - Well "I" am NOT going to sit around a fire right now.  I have all these veggies to cut up and I have to peel and cut up ALL the potatoes and get everything ready for supper.  Unless someone ELSE cooks supper, then "I" have to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry - *silence*

Me - ...........

Barry - I meant about Kohen having some chocolate milk.

Yup, asshole.

Blog Virgin

Ahhhhh, my first posting.......drawing a bit of a blank here., HI!  I guess I should start by introducing myself! My name is Shannon and i'm also known as The Bass Player's Daughter.  And yes, my dad does play bass, good to get that out of the way first off!  So I live in a city of about 15,000 people (if you include all the crazy little off shoots of town).  I live in a big old heritage house on the river.  The house is always in renovations and never will be done, soooooo......but the views are amazing and it has a pool, win win!  I also own a hair salon in town where I work full time and employ 4 other gals.  We're a young, crazy bunch, but our clients love us and we're always trying to stay current and with the trends!  We do a pretty good job of that!  My husband and I have 3 boys, ages 11, 5 and 18 months.  They all have very distinct personalities and keep us busy.  Well, life keeps us busy and we're always on the run!  I'll let you in on a little secret.......ready?  I'm always on the brink of going completely insane and possibly driving into a bus.  But sort of in a good way?  You know?  I think it's my red hair....or the fact that i'm an aries.....or that I live in a house with 4 boys, all who are disgusting boys (aren't all boys??).  I thought this blog would be a good way for me to express myself and get my feelings out, so I don't get stabby or grumpy (ha! fat chance!)....oh, and there's the baby...up from his nap!  So I'll try and update as much as I can!  WELCOME to my life!!