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Friday, 6 April 2012

Normal vrs Me

Now....if it were your birthday, where would you go to get a birthday outfit??  I'm going to say, probably you'd hit up some stores.....maybe JJs, Bootlegger, Bia Boro.  You'd try on some cute tops, a dress or two, maybe a new pair of sassy jeans.  Then if that didn't work, maybe you'd hit up some friends.  They'd all start bringing you pretty things from their closets for you to try on.....everyone would exclaim "Hey!  I've got that cute shirt/dress/skirt" and you'd give them all a go.  And in the back of your head, you'd probably have an outfit or two lined up in your own closet.....nothing that you really want to wear, but you know would work in a pinch.  Sounds normal right?  What normal people would do upon getting ready for their birthday?  Great!  So enter Me.  What do I do when trying to find something to wear for my up coming birthday party, an event of dancing at the bar?  I message up my 18 year old girl clients who dance jazz/tap/ballet/hip hop at the local dance studio and ask them to bring me dance costumes.  Yes.  That's what I do.  How old am I turning??  Oh right, 12 apparently.  Dance costumes....seriously??  The best part, in that bag full of gaudy metallic spandex, sparkles and sequins, I've already got two things picked out.  I guess I never really did outgrow my admiration and lust for figure skating costumes.  Huh.

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