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Friday, 13 April 2012

Spring, you stupid jerk.

All I've been doing is whining about wanting spring....wanting it to hurry up and get here.  Hurry up and get sunny!!  And this morning, it's sunny!  It's beaming into all my windows....and I don't have curtains so it's literally BEAMING into all my windows.  And now it's here, and sunny, I'm going to whine about something else.  Fuck you spring.  That sunshine is just highlighting all the grossness that my house has become over the winter.  All the dust, and dirt and grime that was hiding in the long dark winter days is now glaring at me everywhere.  Too many months of the kids being cooped up inside and I can see every disgusting fingerprint, jam smudge, juice spill and I don't even want to know what other stains.  It's making me grumpy because yet again today, I have to ignore it all and go to work.  Another day that it's going to stay a filthy mess.  This week, my husband and I have seen each other only a handful of times in passing....I've been sick and grumpy with a cold and the kids are all squirrely from having too much time off school and the change in seasons.  We haven't had time for a spring clean, and not that it would do much....leave it to the 3 boys who live with us and the place would be destroyed in record time, as usual.  And even if we do get a spare couple hours, trying to do housework with the kids is a mission impossible.  The 2 year old follows you around leaving a path of mess and the other boys do nothing but cry and fight over who has to do what and where.  It's a frustrating job.  Basically what we need is a nice, neat, tidy apartment that we can just go like hang out in every once in a while.  Leave the kids the house to run all Lord of the Flies in and destroy as they see fit.  And as they get bigger, and smellier, I'm sure the mess will too.  I can't even count the number of times a day we clean the kitchen, and if you could see it now, you would call me a filthy liar and probably spit at me or whatever people to do filthy kitchen liars.  And there's my whine for the day.  Hopefully my wine for the evening will make some of it better.  The only thing left to say about all of this is a quote from a guy who used to work with my dad.  Whenever anyone would moan and groan about their kids he'd say "That's the price of fucking." and ya ya ya....I know I know I know.  When one of them becomes a rich orthodontist and we can live the extravagant lifestyle, we'll sit around and laugh at that saying....laugh all the way to the bank.

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