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Friday, 2 March 2012

Holy shit.

I'm a bit of a "last minute" kinda gal.  I think I do better under pressure, but I'm probably just telling myself that because I'm also a bit of a procrastinator.  For example, tomorrow Gill and I have appointments to get our new tattoos.  Now, tattoos are a pretty serious thing....there's the whole permanent kinda deal.  So you'd think this would be something that you'd have planned out for decades before getting to your appointment, all tho, if I could interrupt myself for a second, this one time I saw a lady walk into the tattoo shop and just like randomly point to a drawing on the wall and be like "ummm, yeah okay, that one." so I guess it does happen!  Wait, where was I...........oh you'd think one would have a game plan on the Friday before a 1pm Saturday tattoo appointment.  Now here's the shocker, maybe you'd best sit down.........I DON'T have a game plan.  Wait, that's not entirely true, I have multiple game plans!!  None of which are clear to me WHICH is the right game plan!  So what do I do?  I tell Gill I'm waiting for my spirit quest to show me the answer, when in reality I'm just going to sweat it out and freak out until the very last second!  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not just going to waltz in there and wind up with regrets.....all of my ideas I have I adore and love and would be happy with.  I probably will wind up with all the ideas inked on me somewhere in the future.....the location of all these pieces I can say I totally don't have ideas for.  Now in all of this, am I concerned?  No, not really.  Should I be?  Heck yes.  What I'd really like is for someone to just bully me into the right answer....but it has to be the answer I want already but don't know I want?  Ya know?  Any takers?

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  1. I would say that if you took the time to make that appointment, on some subconscious level, you want that tattoo. Good luck!