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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Conversation with Barry

Let me just first off start by saying this.....YES I AM STILL OBSESSING OVER FLUEVOGS.  Okay, now that that's out of the way!  I mean, just because I check 1983729 times a day to see if my boots are still available in my size (while a little icon flashes wildly at me saying HURRY only one pair left), doesn't make me crazy right?  And what's going to happen the day I check and they're gone????!  I shudder to imagine!  But let's step back from my neurotic behaviours and talk about how that behaviour is going to play out with my polar opposite husband......this is our early morning text messages....

me - Phew.  You'll be glad to know my fluevogs are still available.
B - You could put your tattoo money towards them!
me - Okay!  So then my tattoo is my birthday present??


I mean, my birthday is coming up, it only makes sense that I should get a present right??  And out of the two of them, I'm sure he'd consciously fund the boots over the tattoo.  Barry isn't a fan of tattoos, all though last night he did claim that if he was to get one, it'd be the label of his favourite bottle of wine!  No surprises there. 


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